Spring Salad with Asparagus, Scallions and Radish

I don’t always feel inspired when it comes to food. I get stuck in a rut and tend to make the same things or some version of the same things because they are easy, or because I know the recipe by heart, or even because my kids love it and won’t fight me about eating it. And just as I… Read more »

Mini Cheesecake Bites

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If you visit my blog regularly you may have noticed that I tend to post desserts on the weekend. No coincidence! Especially during the cold winter months, who doesn’t crave a decadent dessert? And while we’re at it, who doesn’t love cheesecake?!?! With these mini versions you can indulge without all the guilt provided you share! I made these for… Read more »

Easiest Meal Ever – Ravioli Casserole

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Not every great tasting meal needs to take hours on a Saturday to make. Case in point, this ravioli casserole. You can actually assemble this entire meal with jarred or pre- made items. I don’t know where the recipe came from originally, but my family has been making it for years. In fact, I forgot about it until recently when… Read more »

Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Mmmmmmm…peanut butter cookies. These reminded me of every home made cross hatched peanut butter cookie I had as a kid, plus those peanut butter sandwich cookies I sold door to door as a girl scout. There was something so fun about making those hash marks in the dough before popping them in the oven. And the house smelled awesome as… Read more »

Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese

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This tomato soup is my favorite! Subtly spiced with saffron and hearty thanks to heavy cream (just a bit) and orzo pasta, but so, so easy to make. I actually crave this soup in the summer when it is too hot to even think about eating soup…but that’s how good it is. It’s a Barefoot Contessa recipe and I have… Read more »

Cait’s Queso Dip

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It’s interesting how genes work – ¬†watching your kids grow and having your features and quirks pop out in your offspring. My daughter Cait got my foodie gene. While my son will simply say he is hungry, Cait will state what specifically she would love to eat at that specific moment. Like this weekend when she said she would love… Read more »

The Perfect Party Appetizers/Antipasto

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I love the picky foods at parties more than the meal itself! I can’t help it. Those little bites with a glass of wine or a special drink just get me in the mood to mingle and catch up. I’ve done many variations of an antipasto tray but I think this one for my Christmas Day dinner was my favorite… Read more »

Kris Kringle’s Chocolate Krinkles aka My Kids Favorite Christmas Cookie

I’ve been making the same cookies for Christmas for years now, since my kids were little. Most of my recipes come from the same book, A Baker’s Field Guide to Christmas Cookies by Dede Wilson. Such a fun book! First, the recipes are easy and turn out very well. Second, the book is cute – it reads like a field… Read more »