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Cait’s Queso Dip

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It’s interesting how genes work – ¬†watching your kids grow and having your features and quirks pop out in your offspring. My daughter Cait got my foodie gene. While my son will simply say he is hungry, Cait will state what specifically she would love to eat at that specific moment. Like this weekend when she said she would love… Read more »

The Perfect Party Appetizers/Antipasto

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I love the picky foods at parties more than the meal itself! I can’t help it. Those little bites with a glass of wine or a special drink just get me in the mood to mingle and catch up. I’ve done many variations of an antipasto tray but I think this one for my Christmas Day dinner was my favorite… Read more »

Spiced Smashed Chick Peas

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Waves crashing, sun warming, kids laughing…its summer and our days are filled with sun soaked activites and warm nights listening to crickets and chasing fireflies. Who wants to be inside at a kitchen stove! This is one of those super simple, fresh, healthy, throw together recipes that scream summer. I make it all the time – for lunch, for company,… Read more »

Tomato Jam

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I think I’ve posted before…I love fresh, just from the vine, summer tomatoes. Especially the ones from my dad’s garden. Sadly those won’t be available until later in the season, but I really wanted tomatoes on the burgers I was grilling recently. What to do… I decided to make a tomato jam. I’ve made jam before with figs from my… Read more »

Wings Two Ways + No Time for Pictures

The things I thought would be problematic having a food blog are not the things that actually are. My initial fears were more around coming up with enough recipes and writer’s block. Turns out those things are good so far. But what is hard for me is getting my family to wait while I take pictures of the food. Sometimes… Read more »

Blueberries and Cream Scones

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I don’t like an overly sweet breakfast. Those Ihop commercials with the huge stack of pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles turn my stomach any time of the day. And that’s what is so great about these scones. They are densely buttery, just a hint of spice thanks to the cinnamon and with only a subtle sweetness. This is probably… Read more »

Bruschetta with Sweet Pea Pesto and Tomato Raisins

Bruschetta (Italian pronunciation brusketta) is an antipasto or starter dish in Italy consisting of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with olive oil and salt. Variations include toppings of assorted grilled vegetables, tomatoes, spreads, etc. My daughter and I were on our own for dinner last night. My son was busy with friends, my husband was working at his… Read more »


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You may have had an appetizer similar to this one at your local Italian restaurant. Bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and fresh herbs cooked with olive oil and served with perfectly crusty and still warm bread. I swear sometimes the best part of the meal is the appetizers. I don’t know if it’s because I am hungry when I sit down… Read more »

Tomato Raisins

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I am a fan of tomatoes. Especially in the summer fresh off the vine in my dad’s garden. But let’s face it, winter tomatoes are not the same. They don’t look the same and they definitely don’t taste the same. Tomato raisins are simply oven dried tomatoes. So just like drying a grape makes a more intense and sweet flavored… Read more »