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Gemelli Pasta with Late Summer Pesto and Grape Tomatoes

It’s been a while since I last posted. When I really thought about it I could blame it on a few things. I was definitely cooking, but mostly recipes that were easy and that I’d posted already. Or, I was away and forgot my camera. I was beginning to feel like it was too much of a job and I… Read more »

Sunday Gravy with Meatballs

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I remember the first time I made this with my husband’s Aunt Marie Virelli. We would visit her at the Jersey shore and always, always have homemade cavatelli with meatballs and gravy.  I asked her how to make it and she handed me a sheet of paper and a pencil. I scribbled madly as she told me the ingredients, in… Read more »

Penne with Vodka Cream Sauce

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It’s tough to come up with yummy recipes, especially on week nights when time is limited and left overs are scarce. Do you really want another pizza delivery? Quick pasta recipes work perfectly here. This recipe is a bonus because it tastes like the really good Italian restaurant penne that you order out. The downside – now that you know… Read more »

Easy Pesto

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The smell of pesto reminds me of summer. I made it recently and when a neighborhood dad came by to pick up his son he said “mmmm Pesto!” as he walked through my kitchen. I don’t have a big yard but I do have a nice sized front porch and my containers of herbs grow there happily all summer long…. Read more »