Grilled Mozzarella, Pesto and Tomato Sandwiches

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If your mouth isn’t watering, I’m doing something wrong! These are definitely not your typical grilled white bread, American cheese sandwiches. Melted, creamy mozzarella cheese, juicy vine ripened tomatoes, and zesty herb infused pesto sandwiched between thick, perfectly grilled Italian bread…heaven!

This was lunch recently for my daughter Caitlin and me. We end up spending a lot of time together because my son has recently taken up fishing, and a girlfriend (yikes!) and my husband is busy finishing up the build of our shore house. Depending on the weather we either take long walks with Tug, our three year old yellow lab and my favorite person (sometimes she skateboards) or we watch a movie together, romantic comedies are her current favorite.

Lately we’ve been watching the reality show that is our current election. Even my twelve year old daughter can’t understand how we have gotten here. Her questions are enlightening and our answers have taught her about our democracy. Her learning experience is the only bright spot I can see in the current political climate.

It got me to thinking, this time I spend with my children, talking, cooking and eating together is very important. They open up to me about things that they might not if we were just focused on the conversation, and in the process they learn a skill that will be with them always.


Sliced Italian bread, on the thicker side – about 1/2 to 1 inch thick

extra virgin olive oil

sliced fresh mozzarella cheese

sliced vine ripened tomatoes


Heat the olive oil in a pan over medium high heat. Place the slices of bread in the pan. Top one side with the mozzarella cheese and the other with a smear of pesto and the tomatoes. Cover and cook until the bread crisps and the cheese melts. Put the sandwich together and eat!

Plays well with others: This sandwich would also be great with a grilled chicken breast added in the mix.


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