Open Faced Egg and Avocado on Multigrain Toast

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Often the best meals are the ones thrown together at the last minute because a friend stopped by, or you are craving something, or in this case, as a healthy reward for a great run.

It was cold and windy and I was tired. I woke up in the middle of the night and just couldn’t get back to sleep right away. And I know me. If I get up at that point surrounded by darkness and quiet and read a book or organize a closet or make a list I am doomed to be awake for the bit of the deep dark night that is left. So I lay and force my brain to stop running in so many directions, rub my feet together and hopefully drift off again. But I digress.

I was tired and it was cold and windy, and my legs hurt from my kettle bell workout the day before, but I was there to run. So I turned up my music and focused on how good I would feel when I was finished and … I ran.

My mind wanders as I run. I think things through and make decisions and come up with some of my best ideas when I am running. Sometimes I think about lunch!

I wanted healthy, protein packed and satisfying, especially after completing a run I wasn’t really into.  This open faced sandwich was perfect. The hard boiled egg and multi-grain bread was filling and the creamy avocado was so satisfying. As I ate I thought about my run. How much I didn’t want to do it but just started running and before I knew it I was three miles in and still went on. It wasn’t my fastest time or my longest distance but it was a run, and it counted!


1 slice multi-grain toast

1 hard boiled egg sliced thin (see how to hard boil an egg here)

1/4 of a ripe avocado sliced thin

1 tsp mayo

pinch of salt and pepper

dashes of hot sauce

Smear the toast with the mayo. Top with the avocado slices, then the egg slices. Finally top with salt, pepper and hot sauce. Eat with or without the run – but I highly recommend the run!



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