Snow Ice Cream

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Not a typo! This is actually ice cream made from fresh snow. A bit of a science experiment plus dessert = great fun for the kids! And with more snow in the forecast for this weekend, the perfect time for me to share this recipe,

The first time I saw this done was a couple of years ago. We had a big snow storm and gathered for a bit of a pot luck with friends in the neighborhood. My friend Mari’s husband Bradlee is in the restaurant business and was a chef. He suggested we make snow ice cream for dessert. The kids were amazed! He grabbed a bowl of fresh snow, added some staple pantry and fridge ingredients and we had homemade ice cream!

Of course my kids never forgot it and asked if we could try it out during the last snow storm – I think we got 5 or 6 inches, plenty to find fresh snow from the top to middle of a pile (not touching the ground and not used by our yellow lab puppy, Tug!)

I sent my daughter out with a bowl while I gathered the ingredients, some milk, sugar, vanilla, salt and sprinkles. After a quick whisk and some time in the freezer we had our snow ice cream!

Makes 2 decent sized bowls of ice cream:

8 cups fresh snow

1 cup milk (I would use 1 percent or whole milk, heavy cream would be awesome)

a generous 1/4 cup granulated sugar

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

a pinch of salt

Whisk all together in a bowl. Freeze about 1 hour. Scoop into bowls, top with sprinkles and enjoy!

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  1. Mari bartram

    We need a good snow storm! That was a fun night! Good friends, yummy food and learning how to make snow ice cream yum!


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