Western Breakfast Sandwich

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I have no idea where the name came from. Growing up this sandwich was always called a Western in our house. I wish there was a fabulous story to go with it, or even that I had imagination enough to create a story around it because this sandwich is itself, fabulous. It deserves a story.

The only time I will eat this sandwich is when my dad’s tomatoes are available. Say what you will about Jersey tomatoes, my dad’s Pennsylvania grown tomatoes are the best. They make this sandwich. I know this is cruel, to tell you all about my dad’s homegrown, juicy, vibrant red, taste like sunshine tomatoes when you don’t have them available to you. Just get the best tomatoes you can find.


For one sandwich you will need:

2 pieces whole wheat toast

sliced tomato


2 slices cooked bacon

1 fried egg

salt and pepper, a pinch of each

butter for the pan

Cook the bacon, toast the bread, slice the tomato. Heat butter in a fry pan over medium heat. Add the egg, salt and pepper. Fry to your liking.

Place the fried egg on one piece of toast. Top with bacon slices and tomato slices. Take the other slice of toast and swipe with mayonnaise then top the sandwich.

This was always a breakfast sandwich in our house, but I had it for lunch today – yum!

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