Waffles and Ice Cream

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I’m an everything in moderation type of girl. I don’t limit my “cheats” to one day, I have them when I want them. I work out regularly so feel it is my reward to eat what I crave, at least a bite. And I was craving waffles and ice cream.

As luck would have it, I made waffles this past Saturday morning and froze the leftovers. I like plain waffles best for this recipe. Just pop them in a toaster and add ice cream and a dusting of powdered sugar. Our favorite is vanilla ice cream but Neapolitan ice cream is good too. Each bite is a different flavor – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

My mom makes these for breakfast when my kids sleep over her house. Every once in a while I make them for breakfast too. Ice cream is dairy! Last night we had these for dessert. I tried to pass off half to each of my kids but ended up making another for them. So yummy and the perfect summer treat!



My favorite waffle recipe here. They crisp up nicely in a waffle maker but remain cakey on the inside. I make them plain for waffles and ice cream.

Add your favorite ice cream.

Dust with powdered sugar.



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