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Roasted Beet, Quinoa and Egg Salad with Goat Cheese, Baby Greens and Dijon Vinaigrette

I love a healthy salad for lunch, especially this time of year. Let’s face it, if I didn’t work out regularly I would really get into trouble around the holidays.This salad is packed with protein and makes for a super after workout lunch. Plus if you make the dressing you won’t be adding any sneaky calories into this fresh, delicious… Read more »

Pecan Squares

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This is a very humble name for a not humble at all dessert. It is not a cookie or a cake, but has a shortbread cookie-like crust. And it is not a pie but does have a sticky sweet filling very similar to a pecan pie. Their humbleness is quite appropriate for a day when we should give thanks, be… Read more »

Cranberry Relish

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I don’t host Thanksgiving anymore. My sister-in-law, Linda,  has “thankfully” taken it over and I now host Christmas. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have my favorites that I make sure are still on the table, especially for leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches. Even if there are no leftovers, I will roast a turkey breast the next day, make a small batch… Read more »

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

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Any kind of homemade bread is awesome. This quick bread recipe is…whatever is better than awesome.  And your kitchen will smell great. And you will use up your over ripe bananas. There is no downside to making this recipe as far as I can tell. No kneading or waiting for it to rise. Just beat some ingredients, pour in a… Read more »

Roasted Turkey Breast with Cranberry Barbecue Sauce

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My recipe for Cranberry Barbecue Sauce was the direct result of my purchase of locally grown New Jersey cranberries. I didn’t have a recipe in mind when I bought them, but what better way to get creative in the kitchen then with in season fresh local ingredients. This was the same weekend that I made Cranberry Chutney. In fact the… Read more »

Caramel Apples

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I think I have mentioned this before…I love to bake. There is something so nourishing, so taking- care- of- my- people- and- making- them- happy about baking. Making caramel has this feel for me especially. You can’t just put ingredients in a pot and come back in twenty minutes when you are making caramel. You need to be present, stirring… Read more »

Penne with Vodka Cream Sauce

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It’s tough to come up with yummy recipes, especially on week nights when time is limited and left overs are scarce. Do you really want another pizza delivery? Quick pasta recipes work perfectly here. This recipe is a bonus because it tastes like the really good Italian restaurant penne that you order out. The downside – now that you know… Read more »

Sausage, Sweet Pepper, Cheddar and Onion Frittata

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  I don’t know what it is about Sundays. I want something yummy for breakfast but I don’t want to put in the time. Also, I am not the go out for breakfast type. Especially on a Sunday, I like to have a couple cups of coffee while still in my jammies with bed head and slippers on my feet…. Read more »