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Mini Cheesecake Bites

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If you visit my blog regularly you may have noticed that I tend to post desserts on the weekend. No coincidence! Especially during the cold winter months, who doesn’t crave a decadent dessert? And while we’re at it, who doesn’t love cheesecake?!?! With these mini versions you can indulge without all the guilt provided you share! I made these for… Read more »

Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream and Orange Mint

Recently while my daughter was waiting, “patiently”, to eat, she asked, “Mom, why do you have to take pictures of everything we eat? I’m hungry!” Just to be clear, I do not take pictures of everything we eat. I make a lot of repeats, or things I have posted already and make again and again because they are good recipes, which… Read more »

Pecan Squares

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This is a very humble name for a not humble at all dessert. It is not a cookie or a cake, but has a shortbread cookie-like crust. And it is not a pie but does have a sticky sweet filling very similar to a pecan pie. Their humbleness is quite appropriate for a day when we should give thanks, be… Read more »

Caramel Apples

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I think I have mentioned this before…I love to bake. There is something so nourishing, so taking- care- of- my- people- and- making- them- happy about baking. Making caramel has this feel for me especially. You can’t just put ingredients in a pot and come back in twenty minutes when you are making caramel. You need to be present, stirring… Read more »